Every owner who will buy an off-road vehicle will want to refit his car, which is not only the demand for function and off-road practicability, but also a means to express his personality. Off road vehicles are born with the characteristics of highlighting personality, so the modification of off-road vehicles on the market is much larger than that of ordinary models.

Many refitting fans may have the feeling that adding multiple additional lights to the car is a cool thing, but few people will care about whether the added lights have any practical effect. Many refitting fans feel that it is used for decoration anyway. What role it plays is not important. As long as it looks cool and has personality. But in fact, adding additional lights to off-road vehicles plays a very important role. Today ZSOUL will introduce you to the eight kinds of headlights that you must know in off-road vehicle refitting.

LED WHIP is a popular personalized product. It is widely used in off-road vehicles such as ATV, UTV, RZR, Jeep and other models. It has the functions of atmosphere lamp such as RGB, chasing RGB and single color. Outdoor off-road can also play a certain role of lighting and warning.

Headlights and fog lights are popular products in the LED modified lamp industry, that is, the ordinary halogen bulbs of jeep's original car are updated and upgraded to LED lights, which not only improves the driver's safety and comfort, but also improves the beauty and cool of the lights.Fog water has astigmatism effect, so when you encounter foggy weather, the time line when the lights shine on the fog water will be dispersed, which is not easy for oncoming vehicles to find your existence, which is dangerous. At this time, we need to use the fog lamp. The yellow light of the fog lamp is easier to be absorbed by the fog water than the white light of the normal lamp, which gives the driver a better sense of distance, provides a clearer driving vision and ensures driving safety.


Customize the look of your RZR to make it stand out, help light up the trail at dusk and night; Made of high quality ABS with good seal; Durable off-road-ready construction, both dust and water-resistant.


LED WHEEL RING LIGHT is installed on the automobile wheel hub and can be selected in  RGB and chasing RGB. In addition to being used as an atmosphere lamp for decoration, it also has a good warning function. At night, in fog, rain and on roads with poor visibility, it can provide pedestrians and other vehicles with location marks for driving or parking, so as to reduce potential accidents.


LED ROCK LIGHT installed on the chassis of the vehicle and is widely used in off-road vehicles such as ATV, UTV, RZR, Jeep and so on. There are  RGB,  RGB + pure white and chasing RGB. Features:1.Compatible with both remote and bluetooth sync control;2. With brake and turn signal function.


LED TAILGATE LIGHT BAR with an attractive and unique beam of light powered by 1200 LEDs.Enhancing safety with higher visibility and reducing accidents in bad weather.


CAR UNDERGLOW LIGHT is mounted under the vehicle.High intensity SMD 5050 LED Chips. 3 in 1 RGB Chips, Brighter Output , Uniform Lighting. Enhances the look and feel of your vehicle with brilliant lighting effects.


Wrangler jk brake lightred light color,5W LED ,14inch diameter,durable polypropylene mounting plate. black color nice surface finish can be used for 3rd brake light wrangler.


In addition, everyone should pay attention to that, in the use of lighting, not all lights can be turned on to obtain the best lighting effect. The correct way to use specific lights is to use specific lights in a specific environment. Because some of the additional lights will cancel each other when they are used at the same time. As an off-road four-wheel drive vehicle owner, understand the role of the necessary additional lights to better add additional lights to your car, so that your car can be cool and at the same time give full play to its practicality.