Windage noise caused by auxiliary lights

The shape selection and installation position of auxiliary lamp are very important; Otherwise, it is easy to produce a lot of noise, especially when it is installed on the top of the car. If it is equipped with unreasonable light rack luggage rack, it will not only cause huge noise, but also cause roof resonance, which will have a direct negative impact on driving safety.

If the auxiliary lamp is installed at the front of the vehicle, you should also consider the impact of the auxiliary lamp on the internal structure of the vehicle cabin, such as the heat dissipation effect of turbocharged intercooler (whether gasoline or diesel, the probability of pressurization is much greater than that of non pressurization), water tank, air conditioning condensing plate, etc; The importance of the normal operation of these equipment is self-evident, so the installation of auxiliary lamps needs to be seriously considered.

There is another problem that needs attention when installing auxiliary lights on the top, which is the height setting; because now many garages in many places are limited in height, and the off-road vehicle itself is very high, many people have modified large tires, so they are installing After the auxiliary lights in the roof position, it is easy to be super high; this will bring a lot of trouble to daily use.

There is another point to pay attention to when installing auxiliary lights on the top, that is, the position should not be too far forward, otherwise it will easily cause reflections on the hood when the lights are turned on, which will make the eyes uncomfortable.

Misunderstandings of fog lights:
Many people try to make the fog lamp brighter when refitting the fog lamp, but how bright it is may be an unclear question.Most people will install low color temperature lights when refitting fog lights.

The function of the fog lamp is actually passive. Its function is to be discovered by the other party. It relies on the width and density of the light to increase the probability of being discovered, rather than using its own brightness to illuminate the road; because the water fog itself is actually Composed of tiny water droplets, water itself is a strong reflector of light.

The characteristics of water mist are small volume and high density. In addition to reflecting light, it can also refract, diffract and penetrate transmission. In this way, combined with its high-density characteristics, it will become a combination of countless strong reflective points; The higher the illumination intensity of the fog lamp, the stronger the reflection effect of the water mist. That's why turning on the headlight in foggy days is like shining on an invisible wall, and the line of sight is worse than the real wall, because the fog has a mask reflection effect.

In this case, no matter how low the color temperature of your fog lamp is, it is useless even if you can penetrate the water mist to illuminate the road, because your line of sight is blocked by the water mist.

In case of heavy fog, the only way to see the road is to turn off all headlights. It is easier to see the reflective tape on the road with the weak light of the side marker lamp.