Cross-country crossing has always been inseparable from camping. When conditions permit, we all hope to have a good meal and sleep in the wild.

In order to have a better experience in camping, in addition to mastering some basic field survival rules, objective equipment is also very important.

When buying camping equipment for the first time, we often choose some products for hiking and mountaineering. In order to easily pack these equipment into hikers' backpacks, their original design intention is often small volume and lightweight, so they will be more or less discounted in the actual use experience.

This problem is not so important for the trunk of off-road vehicles. The following series of camping equipment is tailored for cross-country crossing.

1. Tables and chairs
Imagine driving to a campsite with lakes and mountains. Do you want to squat on a folding stool, or do you want to cross your legs, sip tea and lean on the director's chair with its own small table?

It should be noted that when buying folding chairs, try to choose those with water cup seats and small storage bags on both sides. The folding method is simple and rough, which can meet most camping scenes.


2. Awning
The awning fixed on one side of the roof is definitely a sharp weapon to improve the camping experience. Of course, you can also choose to build a traditional sky curtain in the scorching sun, but it is estimated that just turning it out from the trunk can make you lose interest, let alone close it.

There are many kinds of sunshade tents on the market. Only two more easy to use are recommended here.

The first is the side tent, which has the advantages of compactness, durability and easy operation. Some styles integrate the function of camp lights. After unfolding, the LED light band in the center can provide lighting for the camp at night, and can prevent mosquitoes or add emotion by adjusting the light color. Suitable for most off-road vehicles and SUVs.


The second is the awning that can be deployed at 270 degrees. The 270-degree deployment method not only provides a greater range of personnel activities, but also covers the operating area of the trunk of the car, ,you can comfortably use the refrigerator under the sun shading tent.

3. Tents
Spending the night in the wild always gives many players a headache. It's either too cold or too hot. They also have to worry about mosquito bites, wind and rain, and wet ground. Many people wake up and find that it's not as beautiful as they thought. After a bad camping experience or two, they don't want to try again.

Is it better to set up a tent on the ground or on the top of the car? In fact, the two have their own advantages and disadvantages. The former is convenient for access, but it is relatively troublesome in building and site selection; The latter can stay away from the ground, avoid moisture and prevent beast attacks, but its huge body will also increase wind noise for the vehicle, and the center of gravity will inevitably rise.

In fact, you can choose a low shape tent, which has better wind resistance and can be more stable in harsh environments. Then fix the tent on the folding bed, which can also prevent insects and moisture.

4. Refrigerator
Car refrigerators are also a must-have item to improve the quality of life in the wild, especially for long and long-distance crossings, the importance of large-capacity car refrigerators is self-evident. A refrigerator designed for off-road use must not only provide sufficient refrigeration for food and drinks, but also withstand the long-term "destruction" from bumpy roads.

The volume of on-board refrigerator shall be selected according to the purpose and trunk space of different models. Generally speaking, the 60L refrigerator can store food for a family's long-distance travel, which is also a common size for general off-road crossing, and can be fixed in the trunk of most mainstream off-road vehicles. If it is a pickup truck or RV, of course, you can also choose a larger volume.


Ready camping equipment can improve the cross-country camping experience and eat well and sleep well in the wild.